Affiliate Funnel System Review – How to Create Multiple Profit Streams Online

Another surefire way to increase your chances of higher profits is to include an upsell in your sales funnel. This can be anywhere between $10 – $20 more than your original front end OTO you originally had in place.

An upsell is an added bonus and can be difference between losing a very small amounts of funnel builder secrets your original investment, breaking even to even making a good solid profits from your front end campaign.

As an example:

let’s say you are using paid traffic and you purchased a solo ad for $50 and received 125 clicks and your squeeze page converted at 50%

You would have around 60 to 65 people on your list and they would also see your OTO

So let’s say that 10% of people bought your OTO you would make 6x sales of 5 dollars which equals to $30

If you have added an upsell also and that converts at 25% and is selling for $20

That means out of the original 60 to 65 subscribers you would have made $65 from your OTO and upsells

6x OTO sales = $30

2x upsell sale = $40

Total = $70 (you originally invested $50 on the solo ad)

These numbers can vary from product to product and are not exact figures every time you use this method.

The key is to make a start, set up your free offering squeeze page send some paid solo ads to them so you can start testing your OTO and upsells

Another great thing about solo ads is that you always get more clicks than you originally invested in. Sometimes I have received up to 20-30 more clicks than I originally asked for.

You can use this sales funnel for literally any traffic method paid three that you wish to use.

You can also include a second upsell within your front and sales funnel and you can double the price again of the first upsell

The most important thing is to start sending traffic towards your squeeze pages and testing your whole sales funnel as soon as possible. This way you can always improve as you go along and test and tweak until you are profitable.

It is very unlikely that you will profits from your first campaign so just make a start and track your results


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