Christmas Is A Great Time For A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Out Of Las Vegas Or Arizona

One difference between the two types of air tours is that airplanes need to fly at a higher altitude than helicopters, and anther important difference is that the airplanes can carry more people on each tour. The airplanes carry 19 at a time, so if you’re flying with several people, an airplane tour is probably the best choice. However, if excellent viewing is the most important thing to you, then you’ll want to book a helicopter tour since the choppers fly lower than planes and they have bigger viewing Georgian Trekking Tours. When you book a deluxe helicopter tour, you will fly on an EcoStar chopper that has a panoramic wraparound windshield and six seats arranged stadium style for unobstructed views. These choppers are made specifically for sightseeing and they are quieter and offer a smoother ride.

To Wrap Up

Touring the Canyon is the ideal way to add some adventure to your exciting Spring Break vacation. The good thing about beginning your tour in Vegas is that there are many tours and options available, so you can find a tour that’s perfect for your budget.

Remember tours fill up early, so you want to buy your tour in advance. To make it easy to remember, you can book your Canyon tour when you make your hotel reservations. Also, just use your credit card to buy your tour online and you’ll get the best deal because you’ll be able to bypass a travel agent’s commission.

Taking an air tour of the Canyon is a sure way to have a fabulous Spring Break vacation you’ll always remember. Whether you take a landing tour or air-only tour, or fly by chopper or plane, you’ll experience one of the most beautiful and mysterious places on the planet in a day filled with wonder and adventure.

It won’t be long until it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do over the holiday, you should consider taking a tour of the Grand Canyon. You have a lot of options in tours, and you’ll get to choose between a helicopter tour, airplane tour, or bus tour. Just be sure to book your chosen tour as soon as you can because they sell out quickly.

Origination Points

You can book a tour that departs from Tusayan in Arizona and from Vegas. The starting city determines how long it will take you to get to the Canyon to start your tour. For example, the flight from Vegas to the South Rim will take an hour or so. The Vegas bus tours take much longer, so if you’re going to tour the South Rim, you’ll be in for a 5.5 hour bus ride to get to the rim and a 2.5 hour ride to get to the West Rim. If you start your bus tour from Phoenix instead, it will take around four hours for you to get to the South Rim.

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