Diversity and Bully-Busting: 4 Tips To Stop Bullying and Bias Before It Happens

Most of the indigenous American leaders are murdered and any person or groups not complying with the new laws are killed, along with killing their women and children. This policy resulted in millions of indigenous Americans being slaughtered. The kangaroo educational system believes in american bully starting the day with a pledge of allegiance to the kangaroo. The indigenous American students are now taught, using the kangaroo model, by putting each student in a small confined box with a loud speaker blasting in moral teachings. While the kangaroo children have excelled in this form of education, the indigenous American children do not. Although the indigenous parents complain that their children are not learning and getting the necessary education as the result of this new, kangaroo model, it is kangaroo laws that children must attend the school.

Institutional-Level Bullying

After several years when the kangaroo people have transformed what used to be America, into kangaroo land, I wonder how the indigenous American children, at least the ones who survived, are doing in their new schools. I’m not sure if you have heard this but, before the kangaroo folks arrived, America used to be the greatest country on Earth. Remember, God blessed America! I am sure it would be offensive to have the kangaroo people teach the indigenous American children that their people were all savages and that the kangaroo people brought civilization and righteousness to this land. I would assume the children of the old America would have a hard time in the new kangaroo educational system – because the old American educational system was the greatest in the world.

When Native Americans, in the year 2010, have to recognize and celebrate columbus day in their schools – that is Institutional-level Bullying. Native American children being made to pledge their allegiances to a flag that was the symbol of their own people’s destruction – is Institutional-Level Bullying. For Native American children to be forced into a system that is designed for the privileged conquerors – that is Institutional-level Bullying. Please take another look at the YouTube video I earlier attached. Children taking their own lives is an extremely terrible thing and I do not want any family experiencing these tragic events. If something is happening at schools that is harming children it should be taken very seriously. It seems from this video, and other news stories, schools are motivated to get serious when certain children are harmed or harm themselves.

Native American children, on average, have some of the highest rate of suicide and mortality compared to any other group. These are school aged children, many who have dropped out of school. Again, when asked why they are dropping out of school, the labels given are, poor student-teacher relations, the teacher’s lack of empathy, unsuitable curriculum, etc. They are expected to learn in a system that is designed for American children, not Native American children. Everyday Native American children have to enter an institution that disrespects their culture, expects them to be open to learning untruthful history, and when they drop out, that institution blames the victims.

On average in the US, N

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