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This becomes something of a trend as theĀ  gta 5 cheats xbox one storyline unfolds, and it brings various benefits at different points of the game in each individual case which will ensure you want to play the game time and time again to see what direction the game will take you when you make different choices. Befriending a lawyer for example will be a great help if you ever find yourself in trouble with the law.

Most of the missions you encounter during the actual storyline mode don’t give you this kind of decision to make at the end – and will simply involve you making deliveries of various kinds, or taking out certain people. Of course nothing is that simple, there will at times be numorous enemies trying to prevent you from completing your tasks, particularly later in the game when some of the missions are based on kidnap plots, and a job interview gone wrong. The police want to have their say on a regular basis too, and it’s usually when they aren’t written into the mission itself. If you do happen to fail a mission, a new replay mission feature makes light work of giving it another go.

Escaping the police in previous GTA titles was at times ridiculously difficult – this is no longer the case and if anything, it has become a touch too easy and is possibly the only flaw Grand Theft Auto IV has. Your GPS will show you the location of on-foot police in your area as well as those in patrol cars, and will also show a circle around the area they are concentrating on as they hunt for you. Simply find your way out of that area and avoid the cops for around 10 seconds and they will let you slide.

Rockstar have added new abilities to your character, too, such as the ability to scale a fence or wall and shimmy along ledges – when you are able to get a foothold, and perhaps more beneficially the ability to take cover behind nearby vehicles, walls and objects. This proves useful time and time again during the frantic gun fights you will inevitably get involved in. You can also lock your aim-reticle on an enemy and have it stay locked whilst taking cover, so you can wait for the right moment, pop up and take him out in no time.

Using the target lock is good and makes dealing with high numbers of enemies in quick time pretty easy to say the least, but you should master manual aiming too as it’s a skill you will need time and time again when the aim-lock is simply too slow, as it centers on the enemies torso – precious seconds wasted when you could really do with some head shots!

When you take a step back from the daily grind, Liberty City offers you so much more besides criminal activities. You can for instance head to a number of comedy clubs where you will come across some big name acts, watch TV, listen to the radio or head to one of the TW@ internet cafes and browse the in-game internet – a genius addition to the game!


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