Help, I Am Being Bullied At My Job!

American bully puppies, just like any other dogs, are like humans, too. In order to tame them, you have to american bully a warm direct approach. Dogs like these are really trained but make sure that they won’t be stiff with it. Like what they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.


These past few weeks on American Idol they have been auditioning singer from all around the country in search of the lucky finalist who will have the awesome opportunity to go to Hollywood. I have watched many of the early tryouts and have heard some great and not so great singers. My hat is off to these people who spend days in a long line hoping to ultimately perform for the three celebrity judges.

I like to hear the many stories they share of people who have met new friends while waiting in line for the big chance. One story in particular was about two young men pumped up, excited, supporting one another and ready to demonstrate their originality to the judges only to be voted down, joining the long list of others who have failed to make the grade. The difference between these two individuals and the others who have met the same fate is that they were not only told they would not be going to Hollywood but they were also laughed at and teased.

I understand that not everyone can win. If everyone won there would be no definition for losers. If everyone won there would be no room for improvement and growth. American Idol’s Simon Cowell crossed the line when he told the contestant he “looked like a monkey.” To make matters worse the two other judges Randy and Paula just gigged and laughed like children supporting a bully on a playground. Judges like referees have to have the freedom to make the calls to keep the game interesting. Not every call or opinion is to everyone’s liking but to say something like that is crossing the line.

Each week I present my Anti-bullying/Anti-violence programs to hundreds of students, corporate staff and associations. We discuss tolerance, respect and kindness, sharing tips and suggestions on how to end this kind of negative behavior at work, school or in the community. Then we turn on the Fox Network’s hottest show American Idol to observe a bully in action.
Bullying is “imbalance of power,” one person uses their power to hurt or verbally harm another individual. A victim is someone who is weaker or lacks social skills and the ability to defend themselves. In this situation there is an imbalance of power because we have a so-called celebrity teasing a weaker “regular” person. The regular individual can’t defend himself because the celebrity has the ability to control not only the situation but also the final product air on the Fox Network.

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