Make Money Selling on Amazon

After the completion of a professional shoot, write down all the specifications of your product as many as possible. Color, weight, length, breadth, height, technical ecom income blueprint (for electronics etc.), material, utility, special features, SKU number (unique code that you assign to each of your product for inventory differentiation).

4. Create your seller account-

In India, there is certain documents requirement at the time of account creation. Keep your PAN card, GST certificate, Bank account details, business name, email address, business address, mobile number, shipping address, and product category information ready. With all the above details, create your account on Amazon seller central India.

5. Take Brand Registry or Apply for GTIN-

If you have acquired the trademark certificate for your brand then go directly to the help box in your seller central account and search for a brand registry. Fill the basic details like brand, category, and the number of SKU’s you intend to sell etc. along with your trademark certificate and proceed.

If you have not yet received or have applied for a trademark, go for the ecom income blueprint exemption. Here, Amazon provides you with the unique codes for the number of SKU’s you want to list. Suppose, you have 40 unique products, download an excel sheet for GTIN from your seller central and fill the details like SKU, the title of your products, image link (dropbox link can be used as well), etc. and apply.

6. List your products-

Once brand registry/GTIN is approved, you can list your products on the website. Download flat-file of the specific category you wish to list your products in (file can be downloaded from your account). Fill all the essential details a customer should know about your product. It might, for instance, look like a nightmare to fill almost 60 fields for each product, but once you get a command, it gets easier. Save the excel file in the text-delimited format and upload it.

7. Maintain quality-

Your customers are relying on you for the best quality and experience, make sure you deliver top-standard products with an amazing customer experience. You can insert a personalized thank you note inside the packing to make it more relatable.

8. Opt for FBA-

Fulfillment by Amazon is an initiative started to deliver the consignments safely and faster. You can send your bulk inventory to the warehouses of Amazon built in all the major cities of India. Here, you will be liberated from the load of packing multiple products, their shipping, and returns. Amazon handles all of these on behalf of you with minimal charges.

Tips to sustain in the competition-

1. Invest in the inventory that is moving fast. (Hot selling products)

2. Never compromise with the quality.

3. Do not hesitate to ask the customer for product review through emails and calls.

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