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These origami designs are made from different paper shapes such as Pentagons, Hexagons and squares and involve repeated patterns being folded all over the paper used. The inspiration for these patterns came from the artistic designs such as origami swan, and art, which are commonly found. A new trend in these designs is to folds these patterns on cloth and can make pretty decorative items for your home or as a gift.

Strip folding:

The most famous design in strip folding is the ‘lucky star’. I am sure most of you would have folded these at some time or the other. Other strip folding patterns also exist and one of the designers – Heinz Strobl is well-known for them. It consists of using strips of paper to make various modular designs such as spherical globes etc. the lucky star makes use of just one strip of paper which is wound round and round to form the star and then puffed up from the sides. Whereas, Heinz Strobl’s works mostly consists for multiple paper strips that are folded (and color coordinated, too) to form various designs such as his Origami Icosahedrons and Sphere 94.

3D Origami:

These designs make use of multiple pieces of paper that are folded into triangles and inserted or connected to form 3D or ‘solid’ pieces of origami art. The most common design is probably the swan which looks very pretty when completed. Other designs are also possible using this technique.

To view what these different kinds of origami look like please visit my site http://origamiancy.com/ and look at the following posts: For 3D origami: Vladimir Serov’s 3D Christmas Tree, For Origami Tessellation: Shuzo Fujimoto’s Hydrangea, For Strip Folding: Heinz Strobl’s Origami Icosahedron


Origami is a wonderful and elegant art. It has been developed and embraced over the past 2,000 years by young and old alike. Who would have ever thought that you could fold paper in such a way to make creations like:

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