Property For Sale – 3 Steps Process to Sell Away Your House

1. Have a clear out. You will want to create an illusion of having ample space and you need to create as much space as possible. Having messy piles around the house, although may feel cosy and homely to you, will indicate that you don’t have enough space and that your house is simply too small to accommodate you. If it’s too small for you it could be too small for your potential buyer. Also, without the clutter your buyer will be more easily able to imagine how their own furniture and belongings will fit and suit each room. If they can imagine this then your property will memorable.

2. Keep your house tidy because first impressions count. A messy or unclean house will make the house uninviting to live in. Remember people viewing your house must want to actually live there and spend tens of thousands of pounds on it. Unless your buyer wants to renovate or update a house, which is the minority of buyers, they will not want to imagine themselves living in an unclean house. Of particular importance, are the bathroom and the kitchen. They have to be sparkling, ultra-hygienic with no unsavoury odours. Each viewing is a potential sale and tedious though it may be, clean thoroughly before each one. Also remember that if you indicate any lack of care, buyers may quickly take the view that you have not cared for the property and therefore there may be maintenance problems lurking which buyers will not find attractive to deal with.

3. When you have a viewing take any pets out or leave them with the neighbour. Some buyers will not be bothered by pets and it may be a common interest but other buyers will certainly find cattle ranches for sale in oregon this a turn-off. Pets can mean that dirt is being brought into the house, fleas could be around, lingering odours, hair and fur on the floor and furniture and even droppings (here we’re talking house rabbits, birds in bird cages, or pet hamsters and gerbils being petted out of the cage). The only exception is fish in a fish tank!

4. Get rid of any house smells. Scents are evocative and are remembered. Top smells to get rid of are smoke, pets and some cooking. Avoid using air-fresheners – they can have the effect that you are trying to hide something. Baking bread, cake and coffee smells are inviting and attractive to buyers as they evoke relaxation and general good times.


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